Live like a Local in the best parts of Melbourne. With no dodgy real estate agents. And no big bond. With your pet. And your paintings. In a sustainably designed building. What’s not to love?

The lay

of the land

Local is currently building in three of Melbourne’s best neighbourhoods, Kensington, Box Hill and South Melbourne. Each location is super well-connected, close to public transport, great food, shopping, and parks. Off-leash ones, too. Because we’d love you to bring your furry friends. And decorate the walls (Even if it requires a paintbrush or a drill. Yes, really.)

Every element of a Local project, from top to bottom, is designed to improve the connection, comfort, and quality of the community in and around it. Now, and long into the future. Our buildings are designed with the environment in mind. There’s no Planet B so they’re putting their efforts into protecting this one.

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Net Zero in Operations

Sustainable comes as standard


Living at Local means living fully electric. We operate at net zero, which means we’re not producing additional carbon. We’ve made it easy for you to live a net zero lifestyle too, by energising our buildings with Green Power. So, everything from the laundry to your lights to the toaster and TV can run on renewable energy.


We’re big on reducing waste, but when we do need to dispose of it, we do it the right way, whether it’s e-waste, organics, recycling, or general waste. And if you’ve got some old stuff that someone else might love, you can donate it via our on-site charity collection.


When nature provides, we abide. Our roofs are fitted with renewable solar panels to capture enough energy to totally power our common areas and amenities, and our rainwater storage systems keep our drought-tolerant gardens lush and full of life.


We have some very clever people who love getting deep in the little details. They’re great at finding things like special water-efficient tapware and low volatile organic compound (VOC) materials. VOCs are nasty gasses and fumes that can be emitted from stuff like paints and carpets. Now if that question comes up on Millionaire Hot Seat, you’re sorted.

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Project Status
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Local: Kensington

348 Macaulay Road
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  • Under Construction

Local: Box Hill

517 – 521 Station Street
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  • Under Construction

Local: Sth Melbourne

245 Normanby Road
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Relationships matter. We’re proud to have great partners who share our values and are joining us on the journey.

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